The space race actually had tenuous public support at best. It was considered wasteful by many.

Going to the moon had far from universal support; many people thought it was a frivolous partisan dream, or that it was a waste of time to "one-up" the Russians.

@Elizafox Interesting. I find it curious that the Americas declared the space race as won, even though USSR was in space first and going to the moon was then simply an act of moving the goal post. Tremendously wasteful at that, as you say.

I can see the benefit of going into space generally, but how going to the moon is useful I am not sure, especially if the journey was never repeated. I am curious if there will be another moon mission at some point in the future...

@mareklach I mean it's useful in a sense that it's a good training ground "in our own backyard," but overall, in 1969, we weren't going to colonise the moon. It was a morale boost and nothing more.


@Elizafox Yeah, it was a good way to win a space race even after essentially loosing. But you're right it really doesn't seem like there's was any bigger vision behind it other than to feel good. Honestly, I don't think that even nowadays companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin have any real space vision, other than to receive federal dollars, and then fail to take off most of the time :-)

@mareklach I doubt SpaceX is going to Mars. I see it as a great way to siphon tax dollars /and/ get the normally anti-government-spending people to shut up.

@Elizafox Yeah, Musk is launching bombastic companies to woo federal dollars, and is essentially running on promises only, not even aiming for real profitability ever, I think. There was that Mars One mission some years back... another giant scam essentially...

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