I fear my #decentwebeu project is dying a slow death.
I don't have time right now and my missing expertise in writing stuff like that is diminishing my motivation and enthusiasm for the project.

@zatnosk I am sure there are some captivating studies about the advantages/possibilities of decentralisation that you would find interesting to read. And even with a lack of knowledge, well... research and discovery into the topic is part of the journey.

No need to give up just yet.

@mareklach you misread. I lack the writing skills to write about all the knowledge I have already gathered. I don't need more reading material, I need clarity, focus and putting words on paper.

@zatnosk Ah! I could proofread you some stuff, so no need to worry about grammar much, if you get the ideas at least roughly down on paper:-)

@mareklach proofreading is not a problem. I am confirmed with my ability to write English, but I don't have the skill to eloquently express my vision.

@mareklach aaaand just when I say proofreading isn't a problem, my phone puts down the word "confirmed" instead of "comfortable".


@zatnosk I figured out that the quality of autocorrect on my phone depends a lot on the type of keyboard app I am using. I found GBoard to have quite good autocorrect, while Swiftkey and Flexy are not that good, neither the default iOS keyboard, I think.

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