When Linux Finally Looks Beautiful

I've been using Windows, then Linux… then MaxOSX. I've actually been quite happy about the last 2 OS. However, Mac has been disapointing lately on some point and that make me curious about what was Linux like in 2020 fediverse.blog/~/Vinyll/when-l


@vinyll This is a very good list. I was looking for beautiful Linux distributions back in the day myself, and found Solus Linux, which has its own Desktop Environment called Budgie that is very nice, so I ended up using that one.

Hey @mareklach@mastodon.xyz Thanks for notifying. I had tried Budgie in Ubuntu and it was visually unsatisfying to me. I just installed Solus with Budgie after your recommendation. I'd rather go for that better than Unity or Gnome (or eventually KDE?). However that is still not as great looking at Deepin. I need to try the desktop integration in an different install. Solus seems quite nice beside the desktop :)

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