now fully completed their paywalling efforts. The public page's now completely inaccessible without logging in.

Unsuspecting visitors to Medium's now can't them unless they lock themselves into the platform.

The ability to search for new written by independent creators? Gone! The goal's to usurp content created by others free of charge to make you pay the centralized platform to access it.

exists to combat this, using the power of the .

@mareklach Oh crap. Well, what to expect from them...

By the way, direct links to articles still seem to work, but of course discoverability is lost.

@mareklach @write_as is an open-source implementation of the same basic principle of writing and publishing platform.

@avolkov @write_as Well, I know it’s based on , which is most certainly a great option in itself.

@avolkov @mareklach @write_as

WriteAs does not have liking/commenting features for fediverse, but this is the feature as well. #Plume does support commenting and boosting on #Fediverse.

But still Plume and WriteAs are the best alternatives for Medium

@john_the_ripper @avolkov @mareklach @write_as there are tons of alternatives.

Mounting your own blog with WordPress, pelican or Hugo for example....

@22Decembre @john_the_ripper @avolkov @write_as Of course. The (now curtailed) inbuilt discoverability with an assembled front page of varied stories can however probably only be replicated using the fediverse. Which is why I mentioned as a solution.

@mareklach @john_the_ripper @avolkov @write_as

Sort of yeah. But you are not in your own space... (I am a true self-hosting advocate and don't really understand people who say co-hosting is cool : I don't see what you can hack and do.) Plus I really like static websites as its KISS.

Each has downsides.

@22Decembre @john_the_ripper @avolkov @write_as The most apt criticism of Medium was that (much like on Tumblr) you don’t really own your content too. So self-hosting is always the best way, I agree with you, of preserving a person’s most valuable content.

@22Decembre @avolkov @mareklach @write_as
Don’t claim to be objective 😉 it’s just my feelings 👻
And yeah, there are a lot of alternatives, but with plume and writefreely you do not need to go through setting up, installing, configuring (ok, less configuration) etc

@mareklach Thanks for this alert, somewhat concerning. I never wrote anything on Medium, just mirrored it there, but it's good to know nonetheless.

@bkam I am curious to know what the wider reaction of the many writers there’ll be to this. The initial appeal of , at least for me, was the social reach aspect of it, the ability for anyone to react, highlight and share, that they’re now so outwardly getting rid of.

@mareklach So it looks like you can still access the articles directly. Or at least I could read mine in an incognito browser. You mean that the front page has gone away?

Looking at waybackmachine... This made me laugh, from 1997:

@bkam You could if you know a specific user profile already. But from a perspective of a random visitor coming to the site, they will not have the tools to discover your content unless they register and sign in. This will greatly limit the amount of reach and interaction that a piece of content will get.

It was the widely discoverable aspect of it that made a lot of people prefer Medium, over Wordpress for example.

@mareklach Agreed. That makes sense. Though I imagine most people got content through their newsletters etc. Only a handful could have reached the frontpage in any case.

Also I noticed that Medium "publications" still work:

@bkam They do... Those that aren’t locked under a paywall at least ;-)

@bkam Thinking about it some more, the selection of topics a new user has to pre-select as their interests just seems to be completely random to me, and a ton of tags are not even available to be selected as possible interests.... weird...

@mareklach Yes I found pre-selecting topics a strange way round. I'd expect to follow creators/publications of content that I discovered and liked, rather than pre-populating with topics

@masterofthetiger @mareklach I'm tempted to make a Medium scraper that allows you to view the content without their shitty site getting in the way.

@mewmew @masterofthetiger You could view a specific post still if you know its precise URL already, but the discovery aspect is sealed off. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one.

@mareklach @masterofthetiger yeah, plus, I don't particularly like three pop-ups whenever viewing one of their articles.

@mareklach this is the problem with big centralized plateform. They can make what they want since they have a big community.

I think these day it's pretty easy to make an independant blog using a static site generator like #jekyllrb and publish with #github, #netlify or even selhost on a web server.

@madeindjs Absolutely! They missuse and exploit the community aspect of it that was the biggest selling point for creators to publish there instead of somewhere else.

@madeindjs But a static site could still probably at least become a part of the using something like to be a bit more interactive I think?

@mareklach Medium sucks since they went to “let’s grind money” mode (~3 years ago). Hopefully we can still reach (but who does) and the login wall is just on the front page, but it still sucks.

Actually Medium doing this is probably good for Fediverse.

@mareklach I have never understood the appeal of Medium at all. It’s godforsaken bloat. Why bother?

@mareklach I can't but think that this will backfire badly.

But yeah, burn it with fire.

@mareklach I don't even understand what's the point of writing on Medium now

@mareklach ugh I didn't realize this was happening, but I guess it's not wholly unexpected. Time to move my writing off it, then... Hoping Plume will fit my needs. ^_^

Thanks for the heads-up and info! 💜

@mareklach Ugh. I published things on Medium sometimes because it was something I wanted to make public but not necessarily to have lead into my two decades of personal blogging.

The thing that was great about Medium (at least at first) was that it allowed you to create a very attractive presentation of your writing with minimal time or technical skill.

Time and technical skill are privileges and I am generally in favor of things that eliminate them as roadblocks to adding voices on the web.

@metagrrrl Very true. I also had high hopes for initially, because it was one of the very few places to blog which paid attention to having a nice, easy to read typography. But ever since they started with the paid service, things went downhill very fast.

@sandro It has great looks for content...

Is it meant to be easily self-hostable too?

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