I can't wait until I can begin removing OStatus-related code from Mastodon. I think GNU social is the last remaining fediverse project that hasn't yet switched to ActivityPub? #mastodev


@Gargron I think dropping would only make sense at a point in time when:

- deploys into production

- releases an official tagged version with activitypub support

Friendica 2018.12 is apparently a thing in development, but I have no idea if they'll manage to make the timeline.

also started work on implementing activitypub, but I am guessing they'll take their sweet time doing it :-).

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@abbenm In the dev branch it uses both the diaspora protocol as always, and newly they also added activitypub although that implementation has not been fully completed yet, as far as I know.

@abbenm friendi.ca/2018/11/18/activity
You see, this announcment is only from November this year, and the last as yet released version of is 2018.09 from September.

@abbenm It could really replace as a decentralised Facebook with enough users once every instance deploys it with .

@mareklach I don't quite think any of frendica, diaspora, or hubzilla have quite cracked the code in terms of friendliness/useability the way mastodon has but I'm optimistic and I think frendica has arguably done the best of the three based on my limited sampling.

@abbenm I would say so too. The thing is, when people from the outside move to the seems usable as a Twitter alternative, but they inevitably ask about a FB alternative as well. I have been referring them to , but because of an outdated UI and a serious problem with user discoverability it no longer appears viable to me. I personally don’t use , but have interacted with people here on masto who run their own Dev instances, and it seemed OK.

@abbenm seems to have a slightly more polished UI than , and some user-created themes for it that I’ve seen are relatively nice, but the default themes that come bundled with the installation aren’t very appealing to be honest. I guess this puts many potential users off, so it’s definitely sometjing the developers should focus on.

@mareklach I think you're right. Part of me just really wants to be supportive. I'm on mastodon, in part, because I want it to work (but also because the community is really great and even now I think there's a kind of magic in the air here). I want frendica/hubzilla/diaspora to work.

But looking at squeet.me (just as one example), I see buttons for "friends conversations", "my posts and conversations", "conversations on this and other servers", "contacts", and "notifications." Getting there..

@abbenm Well yeah, they are trying to copy FBs interface way too much and its horrible. Facebook itself never looked good to attract me on there :-)


No. I meant that by removing , we are bound to loose a few users, so dropping it could happen at the same time as we welcome new users, instead of these two things happening separately?

@mareklach @Gargron @jaywink TIL GangGo actually implemented AP the other month, so Friendica and Hubzilla aren't the only options for living in both Fediverse and Federation anymore!
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