I guess you are already aware of this coverage @Gargron , but it’s pretty recent, so maybe not: businessinsider.com/tumblr-alt

A new shoutout About the in the is always a good thing right?

@mareklach @Gargron I honestly had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, maybe the "press" will help Mastodon hit critical mass; on the other hand I'm thinking "oh, christ, we're gonna get every goddamn stupid-ass troll and Internet dipshit in the world over here now."


@flugennock @Gargron That is a bit of a risk, right. On the other hand, since most trolls would get banned from most instances if they spammed too much, they would quickly find the place not a fun playground I think.

Or, like the morons over at counter.social did, they would fork the software and create their own little haven of ignorance, while defederating themselves from most other instances.

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