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Made a Blender UI animation :) Hehe

4K version here:

Huge thanks for Stefan Ruxandra for the audio!

A two-wheeler this time. Was fun to make :)

(Yes, the chain drive floats and pipes come from nowhere, interest stopped in the end...)

Great that the soon-to-be-released Krita 5 will have dithered gradients, as far as I know. No more banding into the composited images!

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Okay, time to make this kind of car now :P - let's see how it goes...

Had to make a small logo animation thing :)

Recorded the process, tutorial coming...

Oh, also, always put a message in your bank transfers, especially if they're from your one account to another. Makes it clear where the money is going or coming from.

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Some people use email for some services, tho.
That might be better in case the customer sees the support email nicely in the purchase straight away.
But yeah, this is not an issue.

As long as you have different account for the company than for personal stuff.

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Also useless trickery to try to make a free gmail-account and redirect to it from your host's @ company . com addresses. Works, but useless hassle.

Way easier to just purchase Google Workspace account and have the dedicated @ company . com e-mail for work stuff. From the get-go.

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Also, company credit card highly recommended for every non-bank transfer purchase. Also, DON'T buy personal stuff like washing machine with company money. Makes things unnecessarily messy.

I don't want an accountant yet, I wanna understand my transactions. But yeah, messy stuff.

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If you want to found a company for selling 3D stuff, I recommend: account for all BlenderMarket, PayPal, Gumroad stuff from the get-go

Bank-account ONLY for company stuff (well, this I managed to do at least)

Otherwise you're in an accounting mess... :P (me)

Upgraded my personal website:

Takes images from a FTP folder and outputs automatically as thumbnails/links to the site.

And those have the Fancybox v3 gallery in use, you can even swipe with cursor or in phone. Works super well on Safari and Chrome.

Gotta admit, took some influence from this great image by

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And done. Apparently this took 4 hours sharp as well. Weird.

Looks like a cheese car :P

Started to model another another car.

Personality still missing...

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