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Damn you Twitter's compression, hi-res here:

Also, it should be possible to not have the stomped down grass to sway in the wind... I just couldn't figure out the nodes yet...

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Got to play with's Blender 2.93 Alpha Geometry Nodes setup for windy grass that gets stomped down after you roll over it. No simulations, only Geometry Nodes and baked Dynamic Paint (if I understood correctly).

Awesome stuff!

Hairy stuff text

(With ' Knittr procedural texture)

Yay! You've been answering, this helps a lot! :)

So far the original is in lead, with waterwood close second:

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If people want to quickly help out... vote for ALL the Keyboard designs you like BEST in this link:

I would appreciate a lot :)


Thank you all the 2000 followers!

Here you are in the picture, exactly 2000 people - that's quite many heads there :)

whoops, wrong colors in the ISO, gotta change and delete this post

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Started designing my own Keycap set.

I wonder if there would be market for this. The other keys are left intentionally blank to make it compatible with many countries (cheaper to print and for customers to buy).

I'd buy one definitely!

(I need to look into keycap-printing)

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