Result of today's stream (I had similar reference for the submarine, though, not my design, even though I modeled it from scratch):

Full-res (5120x2160):

How can I have an Empty to drive Texture Coordinate node when everything is Linked with Library Override?

The eye pupil moves nicely in the original .blend but not when Library Overridden in a new scene :( .... or somebody who knows? Please :/

Is there actually Code Quest 2 planned or something similar? I'm intriqued by Blender Collectibles like this Code Quest rocket USB thing.

Would love to get something to accompany it, but a bit different maybe. And something official even, maybe ?

Comparison between where we started and where we ended up in the stream.

Great subject, hehe - lot's of good ideas came from the viewers. Thank you!

Maybe more tomorrow, let's see

Made this in the stream

(Thanks for the audience for the car-mouth idea :)

Let's continue it tomorrow or Friday

Here are two of my most successful 4K filming/grading tests so far in my mind:

Colorful clothes and over-saturated footage, yes, I like :)

Second half of today's finished streams. Just for those who might be interested. It's like a slow modeling tutorial, heh :) - Tomorrow, more of these

Made a tutorial about Sony A7iii footage color correcting and grading with LUTs for OBS streaming purposes. Quick and easy. Used the free Davinci Resolve.

Watch the whole thing here (in 4K :)):

3.0 text animation.

Just spamming stuff that might fit Blender 3.0 release reel :P Still many months to go...


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