I'm playing with Geometry Nodes (Blender 2.93 Beta)

Does anybody know how to make each shroom behave like the one on the right? But keep the time they are born, of course.

Now they're too fast in the beginning and too slow at the end.


And huge thank you to you because of the previous and future answers, of course :) Too bad we can't tweet to Brecht and Sergey directly :P (but good they use their time to actual work instead of social web stuff, heh)

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(The YouTubeLive chat isn't the easiest platform to talk)

So, just to make sure, still won't benefit from GPU+CPU rendering over plain GPU rendering?

Even if you have a latest 64-core CPU and latest RTX GPU in use at the same time?

Why is that so?

I used to have similar kind of challenge like the @andrewpprice@twitter.com 's donut gathering, it was about rockets of any kind, or, still is


I was too quick to submit my boring shaped donut to @andrewpprice@twitter.com 's challenge - this would've been better, too late now, you can only submit one.

Though not sure if this would've been accepted...
There's no hole :P

Btw, just released a new course :)

It's available now!

"Create Stylized 3D Art in Blender" course!


Here's a glimpse of my main contribution to it :)

Something is coming soon from me and @ShrimpCreative@twitter.com !

Didn't this used to be possible, the 'carve' boolean thing, can't remember. How can one achieve this nowadays?

Yes, the mini-course from @ArtFromRachel@twitter.com is fantastic and concise! If it was longer, I might not have had the energy to tackle it. This is the best way to learn a new tool like Hardops surely.

(Too bad my own design failed miserably :D Design is hard :P)


Did you know you can make a simple Slideshow that you can control with SPACE with Eevee and a short Python snippet?

You can also put Blender view to absolute distraction-free fullscreen with CTRL+ALT+SPACE (Thanks, @s_koenig@twitter.com :)

CC-0 .blend here:

Hey people, how can I hide the main menu bar and the little N- and T-panel arrows when in fullscreen mode?

Made a rightclickselect-entry out of this:

Would love to make some nice fullscreen slideshows with Eevee.

Yes I know the pressure pipes get separated a bit in the rig... I was too anxious to get this thing just done...

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