Here are two of my most successful 4K filming/grading tests so far in my mind:

Colorful clothes and over-saturated footage, yes, I like :)

Second half of today's finished streams. Just for those who might be interested. It's like a slow modeling tutorial, heh :) - Tomorrow, more of these

Made a tutorial about Sony A7iii footage color correcting and grading with LUTs for OBS streaming purposes. Quick and easy. Used the free Davinci Resolve.

Watch the whole thing here (in 4K :)):

3.0 text animation.

Just spamming stuff that might fit Blender 3.0 release reel :P Still many months to go...



GeometryNodes used for placements and scale, but sadly it doesn't seem to support shapekey-offset, so once again -> make instances real, single-user and commotion add-on

Made some geometry nodes testing with the help of 's lego tutorial..

Not my quote, but I like it anonymous.

Started with particles and all kinds of experiments, but eventually trusty old Cell Fracture and Commotion Add-ons saved the day. The animation is so much better when you hand-keyframe stuff.

Should've used this date data:

instead of this:

for the small Blender versions texts you see in the bottom. The version release dates are not super accurate now. Oh well. Small mistake.

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More Blender Fan Art, about statistics this time :) No audio this time, sorry.

Eagerly waiting to see the numbers of this year.


Get a piercing or two... :)

Geometry Nodes > convert to reals > make single users > offset shapekey animations with Commotion Add-on

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