Got huge help from user lukas_t at , thank you! (Still not sure if that user is or not..?)

I managed to edit his node-network and implement a lot of features into it, success!

Download the .blend here: would you know about the Maya support for USD? Is it Blender’s or Maya’s fault that a basic PBR-shader with ramps and mix-nodes won’t transfer from Blender to Maya very nicely?

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I had big hopes when bringing this type of setup from Blender into Maya (which I need to use for some of my work) by using USD.

Too bad Maya didn't convert it pretty much at all into its nodes :( Not even the UP-axis stayed good like it does with FBX. Oh well....

I once wrote (NOV 2016, from revision history) an Instruction Manual of myself. was contributing, IIRC. But I kept editing it tens of hours straight and lost my mind while doing so and the document ended up as garbage. Found this image from it.Might 3D model it someday

Ha! Twitter has a place for topics you’re specifically NOT interested in, it seems. If I read correctly. Seems to be under construction, tho

(I’ll fill it with a lot of junk, probably, if it works well. Someone’s gotta train the algorithm, why not do it manually, I guess)

AH! Got it:
1: Select all > Make Local > All
2: Delete the Linked Libraries
3: Select all > Make Instances Real

Although this duplicates my texts and renames the objects.... not ideal.... but at least something. All of this is not very user-friendly, let me tell you

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How can I APPLY all the linked libraries into the scene and get rid of these (arrow)?

Tried 'make single user' and 'make instances real', the latter works somewhat, but not when all objects are selected, it seems.

Geometry Nodes Boom

(Would be wicked to see 's tryout about this :)

Cool, found this node.
Should use more often.
I always just -> 'mesh line: length:0 points:150'

Instead this should be used, I have a feeling.

Using the 'index' helped a bit.
But how to make the 'drag' or 'dampening' that is needed?

Investigations continue...

No, what I meant was... 'particle birth time' I think...

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Ah, it helps to use 'index' for simulating the 'particle age', it seems. Let's see, hmm...

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I made this with Blender's particles.
But how can this be made with gnodes?

I thought it was super-easy, but somehow my try-outs lead nowhere, hmm :/

Giving a try for the Moi3D. Doesn't produce triangle mesh anymore in exports to , great! Thanks for notifying about this.

For making some technical parts this might become quite essential, indeed.

Gotta try more :)

The fellow was right, Geometry Nodes might be overkill for what I'm after. Managed to make this with Shrinkwrap and Curve modifiers:

How about this method, possible to do with ?

(The below video is just a shapekey animation for demonstration)

The aim would be to have that blue polygon (and the rest of the green polygons) to go all the way around the donut and loop, but how?

The UV-method works but soooo many instances in the edges, this is clearly not optimized

how, how to get rid of those...?

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