Oh, and this keyboard with its RGB features function perfectly under Linux as well (or in my Ubuntu (or Debian?)-based Pop!_OS 20.04) - because it doesn't require the software to control RGB. And you can even turn them off or quite dim if you want, which is very good.

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Yay! Got my new keyboard, I switched the original order. It's now Ducky Shine 7 Blackout RGB with Taiwanese @taihaokeycaps@twitter.com keycaps. Super fun to write, even though a bit noisy, which was expected.

Sorry about the messiness of table and things.

But the face can do quite a lot.

For my animation test that I'm gonna use a good amount of time polishing should be using a lot of these kind of poses.

Just need to figure out what should happen in the clip...hmmm...

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Some sort of base mesh done. Lots of work still before it looks appealing. Shall continue once I wake up.

Maybe modeling, rigging and animating this for the next project. Face maybe somewhere between the two.

In @wasdkeyboards@twitter.com 's website wasdkeyboards.com you can customize your keyboard quite a lot. Even the fonts in Inkscape. Prolly I'll order another one with different switches just for kicks.

Something like this or this, can't decide - the purple one might be too bright tho

Yeehaa, found them from @taihaokeycaps@twitter.com for fullsize keyboard and UK style enter that we use in Finland. Placed an order. Anxiously waiting for them to be delivered to my door :)


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Yeehaa, found them from @taihaokeycaps@twitter.com for fullsize keyboard and UK style enter what we use in Finland. Placed an order. Let's see if they ever come to my door :P

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Also loving the Hawaii-theme colors

So wish @DuckyChannel@twitter.com would have these available in Nordic layout:

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Ordered the topmost (in full image) Ducky keyboard with blue Cherry MX switches. My first mechanical keyboard. Shall be seen how it performs. Gonna take a couple of weeks until arrival.

Made some layouts for it if I find supplier for these kind of colors and shapes of keycaps:

Car transformation, was fun to make :)

(Also, @beeple@twitter.com about to hit 5000 consecutive days of making an artwork every single day... wow: beeple-crap.com/everydays)

A test logo animation for @ShrimpCreative@twitter.com , but will be iterated more to be better. Not official in any way. Let's say it's fan art for now :P

4K 60fps if you're up to it :P My machine couldn't handle the YouTube version. Video file played okay:


Creative Shrimp has now an Instagram channel!

Great stuff, the team is getting bigger :)

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