People keep tooting links and then, by the time I've read the story, I've lost the toot and can't boost it.

So, um, here is a blog post *someone* shared earlier, about David Chen quitting Twitter (apparently David is an influencer or something, I dunno; it's an interesting post, either way).

Sentient unicycles doing extreme tricks with bright colors and rock music. It must be a 90s game, and it must be Uniracers.

Come hear George screw up the title of the game in like the first 30 seconds.

🎮 🎙

Did you know has a Patreon? And sometimes we do polls to let people pick future games? Well THIS poll is open to everyone! Go vote on what adapted video game movie garbage George and I should suffer through next!

Oh and maybe also become a patron, if you're into what we're doing.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors on this Halloween Special of which is definitely not a lucky coincidence!

🎙 🎮

My grandmother turned 100 today and I got to wish her a Happy Birthday even though I'm 2000 miles away with Google Duo and that's damn cool.

After many months of George casually suggesting we play Zelda on Nostalgia Goggles I finally hooked him up

with Zelda II.

🎙 🎮

Which email style is clearer for someone who has to speak their email out loud a lot?

What's funkier than ToeJam & Earl? Accidentally playing ToeJam & Earl and also Panic on Funkotron! It's a funk-off this time on Nostalgia Goggles.


You should be using a password manager like LastPass or 1Password but what you think you know about passwords is probably out of date.

My friend Erin has started an amazing that you should be listening to. Episode #2, all about the chest burster scene from , dropped today!

I still suck at bullet hell games but U.N. Squadron was actually really fun with it's interest mechanics and frustratingly bad music.

I don't usually brag about fitness stuff but I didn't know I could do this and it's cool so here I go.

Like what I do? Take a minute to support my and leave a rating or review for Nostalgia Goggles on iTunes. Quick and easy and helps a lot. 🎙 🎮 ❤️

You say sim and I say platformer. You say platformer and I say sim. Sim. Platformer. Platformer. Sim. Let's call the whole thing fun.

ActRaiser comes down from the heavens on an all new Nostalgia Goggles!

Take the 17:50 to watch closely & listen carefully & think critically.

I love every episode of Idea Channel but this last one, focusing on critical thinking and critical empathy, may be the most important.

Thanks for everything, Mike.

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