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@kmj @AWildBeard Another option is XMPP using OMEMO with something like Conversations. It's also decentralized and works great too. But I have to say I don't use any of them because my contacts aren't tech-savvy enough.

" has 4 1s. So it seemed clear that 4/1 (April 1st) was the date we needed to launch it."

At first I thought this was an prank, but it actually is real. Cloudflare made their own DNS resolver called

In case you missed it, Samsung made a smart speaker with Bixby. It's not as bad as you might expect..

"Sadly, an important announcement: we give up. It's impossible to escape systemd. We recommend every distro to be normalised and assimilated. Our rebel distro will be discontinued this week, repos pointed to Debian.
Our future plans include porting systemd to BSD."
β€” Devuan Org

So, I ended up with 30 slides, which leaves me about 30 seconds on average per slide.. πŸ€”
My first rehearsal took me 17 minutes, I hope that will be fine πŸ˜„

I'm supposed to hold a 15-minute presentation but I feel like it's more like 20 minutes long.
Don't know what to shave off really.. I guess I will have to talk faster πŸ˜„

@freundTech 2 days, 8 hours, 31 minutes and 0 seconds? πŸ˜„
Just joking, I wouldn't be able to solve it even in 2 years πŸ˜†

Knew there was a reason I liked

Just getting things set back up after trashing the / and /boot partitions, while keeping my /home partition untouched.

I've clean installed 17.10.1 since the upgrade process didn't work all that well, plus think I messed up with adding various PPAs to the mix.

A lot of the KDE stuff core dumped before, now it's working again (:*

Key point: Keep /home on a separate partition to /

I need to write a small tool for mpd that skips the song whenever the song title matches a term from a given list.

@PhotonQyv Yeah, it does require a bit of reading to get into it, but it was worth it for me.

Many people use :archlinux: to have everything their way, just like in :gentoo: but in my experience it's way less stable and breaks quite often.

However, if I need a Linux distro that is faster up and running or has to run on weak hardware like a Raspberry Pi, I tend to use Devuan and that worked out great so far as well. (I am currently running my own DNS nameserver on a Raspberry Pi using that πŸ˜‰ )

@Tusky Oh and RTL text also doesn't work properly. I get notifications in the app like "boosted your status username" instead of "username boosted your status" whenever the username is in RTL.

If you ever need to export a LibreOffice presentation to PDF and want to preserve (some) animations (e.g. for revealing images etc.), then this add-on is for you. Worked really well for me:

@ixn Well they don't design the CPU strictly speaking but they do design the SoC around it, which technically is the "main processor".

@ixn Their "new" A-series chips are made by them, if that's what you mean

@ixn True, you can only get that performance with outdated hardware if you overclock it :'D

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