Anyone have any thoughts on Tox? I see a lot of people recommend riot or signal but I hardly ever hear anything about Tox.

@AWildBeard looks like tox is dead. imho synapse is the way to go. signal is still centralized. riot/matrix is federated as it should be. havnโ€˜t startet tox since ages. if you need p2p via tor, tox is unbeaten.

@kmj @AWildBeard Another option is XMPP using OMEMO with something like Conversations. It's also decentralized and works great too. But I have to say I don't use any of them because my contacts aren't tech-savvy enough.

@lx @AWildBeard xmpp canโ€˜t do multi device in sync. thats why we moved on. is also for non techies, incl. apps for ios/android and no email needed on registration. cool privacy for users.

@kmj @AWildBeard Technically XMPP is extensible which is why there actually is just that:

And there are also many servers that give you accounts without any email (e.g. If the server allows it, that registration can happen seamlessly within the client like Conversations as well.

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@lx @AWildBeard conversions was android only? canโ€˜t remember. riot client works on linux, ios, android, mac and win. e2e encrypted group chat works too. i was a huge xmpp fan in the past, but since riot/matrix i have my non techie contacts including my photo models on it. with xmpp i havnt got them to use it.

@kmj @AWildBeard I think ChatSecure is the iOS equivalent, but I am not sure. Technically the protocol doesn't mind the OS, so it's just a question of who implements OMEMO (

I wanted to try Riot/Matrix before actually, but I haven't fully understood it yet. Maybe I didn't spend enough time on it. Btw, do you have a good resource on that?

@lx @AWildBeard for a test it is pretty simple. register account on, install app and/or desktop and login. pretty self explaining. 1:1 rooms, group chat rooms, communities with members and rooms. running oen instance is essy to. mine runs on freebsd 11.1.

@kmj @AWildBeard I heard that it's like IRC? So is a 1:1 room like a (hidden) IRC room that is restricted to two clients?

@lx @AWildBeard you can chat/voice/video 1:1 or open/join a group chat room . was using irc over 15 years, there is a huge difference.

@lx @AWildBeard you can use integrations to bridge irc rooms, post rss feeds and much more. i have my nagios alerting to riot, rooms for posting e.g. github release changes rss feeds, wordpress auto posting to rooms ......

@lx @kmj @AWildBeard Oh, fantastic! I should look into getting my Prosody #Jabber server compliant with all the necessary XEPs.

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