The new Google DNS competitor "" sounds cool and all but I wouldn't use any DNS service that censors my queries.
Today it's malware, tomorrow it's CP and terrorism and then it's politically critical websites or whatever.

@lx wtf do you like cp or some shit? that shit should be off the net, I don't care what you say

everything else I understand

@mistermantas I didn't say that I agree with people who publish things like that, but you can't have one law for some people and another one for the rest. The internet should be free and unbiased. Some things are okay in one country and forbidden in another one. What are you going to do then?

@lx if I were you, I'd go by the law I think respects human rights. and shame those who don't obey it

nacis are like whatever they're dumb i don't care but cp is just... no.

@mistermantas Sure, I agree. But once you start blocking and banning things, chances are great that it will go out of hand and we'll end up with a "great firewall".

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@mistermantas Apart from that, i don't think that you can find CP on the clearnet anyways

@lx it's the worst example you could've used because I'd strongly be against that but pretty much nothing else. freedom's great y'all

@mistermantas It just shows that at first "everyone agrees" but then the interests separate. And who determines where the line should be drawn? So I prefer going after those bad things, everyone agrees on, in different ways that will not lock us all out.

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