I'm going on a diet. I'm only eating cum for the next 6 years

Returning me to sobriety with each attempt

I've tried it twice and it sucked the first time so I thought I'd only smoke a fraction what I did the second time but that time sucked too

oh, didn't realize it wouldn't auto-show a title. it's mario paint music.

committing self-care by putting this on indefinitely youtu.be/V3UK9RYf28c

totally out of the loop, everyone is doing a cw for selfies with ec (eye contact I guess), is eye contact in pictures a thing to warn people against? Who is this cw for and why?

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if you like hot coffee, if you like iced coffee...boy howdy. boy howdy, are you gonna like this thing i came up with: room temperature coffee (because i forgot i had it)

rediscovering my passion for bringing value

I get what it signifies but I will never understand the expression "to feel one's oats(sp?)"

I will not Google it, and do not @ me to explain

as much as I'm stuck in it, I can see how the irony aesthetic is a sad product of having grown up in the 90s where being earnest meant certain death

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I am not even an advocate of like. A lot of handwashing or anything, by a chemistry standard I’m like a loose cannon of dangerous habits and attitudes. But seriously. Eating food off of the ground=usually fine, not washing your phone=really really gross.

honestly i can't remember teen dreams all my teenage feelings

lewd ? 

googling "will condoms ever get better"

i stop smoking weed for about as long and now all the kids are vaping juuls in front of cops and buying it at the store. a lot changes fast

doing research on "condoms". have they changed at all in the 5 years i haven't used them? do they not suck anymore?

imagining an alien race with very orderly methods of communication and empathy seeing us as disgusting, filthy beings who fling moods at each other

making a mess in my mind palace. just shoving things off shelves, tearing down curtains in anguish

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