will this just be a thing that happens once a year (always around the time i'm about to leave for japan)?

my job now is in most ways way easier, way more rewarding, and way higher paying. but the nice thing about menial jobs is when you clock out, you don't keep working at home. i'm like always working now

i always wondered why it was considered such a thing to do to like, never log off
but i never understood the intensity of the commitment cause i never had a demanding job before

i don't really have any time to make posting a part of my life anymore but i think i'll try for now

they're going to be like grandpa's a lazy degenerate who just sits around playing this old historic war game "CS"

which none of my grandkids will understand because computers will be way obsolete after the cybernetic revolution

im gonna end up just like my grandpa except my vice will be the computer

my grandpa used to watch like 20 hours of TV a day

omg what a relief you're still here

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Honestly depresses so much that if you search for "house music" on YouTube the first thumbnails are all skinny White girls in bikinis. House music is now totally estranged from its Black and Latin Queer roots in NYC and Chicago. Not to mention post-90s house is shit for this very reason.

trying to go to work but my bed is so comfy

deemed "most unwoke" in the highschool yearbook

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"i spent my formative years memorising great but obscure quotes by others and then meticulously destroying all record of them"

-- oscar wilde

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