being alive doesn't feel bitchin these days

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Remembering being a Teen and being furious that there is a possibility a child anywhere might have a sense of self-esteem through that period of their life

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anyone: so what kind of music are you into

me (listens to the same 3-4 vaporwave albums every day on youtube): uhhh Mac Demarco

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rediscovering my passion for bringing value

yeah i'm having a little bit of a hurricane right now 😫

shower thoughts: this bussy needs poppin

Really missing my boyfriend's cock right now

i would play a game called tony hawk's pro bono life advice

my thoughts on cancel culture: it's unfair anyone has any notariety at all; cancel everyone

what do i have to offer? nothing. sweet man ass, i guess. but not much else

the existence of perfect dark implies a perfect light

the Confederate flag is poop. It's garbo. Ugly ass hate symbol. Illegalize it immediately

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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was just being way hotter than god

If anyone is alive please tell me who to follow

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