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At this point, I’m pretty sure that the tech industry uses “engagement” as a euphemism for “addiction.”

You know what they say—the best camera is the one you have in your hand. Since my M8 needs servicing and I need a camera to take on my trip to Minnesota, I’m rediscovering my little Ricoh GRD II, which was always a great street cam.

“We are making the entire text of [Sarah Jeong’s] The Internet of Garbage 1.5 available for free as a PDF, ePub, and .mobi ebook file, and for the minimum allowed price of $.99 in the Amazon Kindle store.” —Nilay Patel, The Verge

What if Maciej Cegłowski developed a social network in his spare time?

Would be good.

Would be…antisocial.

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Where to find job openings for web (font) related work in the type industry? Asking for a friend.

This thread does a good job of articulating the ambivalence I feel about such tweets. Their intention is good. My ambivalence is real.

I really need to get my camera serviced (sensor cleaned, etc.). I used to shoot 100+ frames a day, and I don’t feel quite whole without it. I’ve been putting it off for months because I’ll need to send it (or take it) into Leica in Newark. and that just seems…super involved.

Would consider doing this if only for the end-to-end encryption / privacy issue, which seems like a big deal to me.

Private lists are one of the best things about Twitter, and I miss them in other contexts.

I just remembered that it was Stewf (and possibly Surtees, but I think mainly Stewf) who convinced me to sign up for Facebook in the first place. “No, it’s too commercial, it’s too transactional, I don’t want my friendships to be transactional,” I protested. And then I signed up anyway.

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As much as I can’t stand (and don’t trust) Facebook, I’ve kept my Facebook account (for now). Facebook is my depressive space. I go there for tragedy.

Iirc I chose .xyz as a nod to the alphabet (and XYZ Type) and because it was rather large, stable, moderated, forbade hate speech, and had good uptime. (Also .social and .cloud were full.)

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