Linux Maagazine acaba de liberar uno de mis últimos artículos. Esta vez explico cómo sacar el máximo partido del escritorio Plasma de @atelier


Linux Magazine has just freed up one of my latest articles. This time I explain how you can make the most of @kde Plasma desktop:

@linux_spain Great. Unfortunately, these days for my tastes #KDE still has a whole load of usability glitches that make me feel uncomfortable every time I use it. 😞
@atelier @kde

@linux_spain A lot of small yet annoying things. Navigating between windows, launching new apps and finding "stuff" feels way more straightforward in GNOME Dash. gsconnect (GNOME) UI is way more feature-complete and logical than kdeconnect. A lot of stuff can be configured to the last bit but you can't, in example, deactivate all the "Activities" stuff in favor of just having *one* screen with multiple virtual desktops. There, too, still is no lightweight, KDE-integrated ...

@atelier @kde

@linux_spain ... e-mail-client or feed-reader (on par with GNOME FeedReader); a lot of applications still look like early 2000s. Actually, I always loved KDE for technical and community reasons but always, after using it for several months, ended up moving to GNOME again and seeing work going way smoothly almost immediately. Actually, I also wrote a longer mail to KDE usability group but never got any response. Maybe I'm just not target group.

@atelier @kde

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