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Instagram: My life is a party.

Snapchat: My life is a quirky TV show.

Facebook: My life turned out great!

Twitter: We're all going to die.

Mastodon: Don't worry, while we are on a quirky, meandering path towards an inevitable apocalypse, we might as well enjoy the ride and show eachother some love in an unorthodox, yet irresistible manner, not in any way hindered by considerations of style, identity or consistency.

trying to plan d&d for tonight but my players are so unpredictable that im just like well here are combat stats for anyone they might wanna fight and some items they can find let's see what they do i guess

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i hope all my good trans friends here are havin a transmagical day

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In almost every company I have worked for, I have fought to get pay rises for the Customer Service team as they are so critical to operations. In every single company, it was a long, drawn out battle and never a given. When you train and retain the best, you get passionate customers. The best products in the world are easily undermined by a bad customer experience, so if you aren't the best you REALLY can't afford to disregard your customers.

my coworker brought his adorable dog to the office and it's one of those dogs with the messed up lil snoots so he constantly makes these snorfle noises which make me nervous bc i always think he is growling at me but he is just noisily breathing

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Mastodon Bechdel test: Does your instance have:
- A non-bot talking to
- Another human about
- Something other than Mastodon?

Realizing this might be a great space to find fellow education nerds: any other or out there wanting to talk ?

for teachers and students the day before spring and christmas breaks is a liminal space. discuss.

I work in tech support & research shows that when something doesn't work, people blame themselves rather than assuming a bug even though it's rarely user error. But just now my mastodon wasn't working and I got this panicky feeling of oh no did I violate a norm and get banned!!!! before realizing that the platform is still a hiccuppy lil baby

This object has lived in my partner's car for as long as we've been dating and it's so bizarrely pointless and nice to fidget with

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I seem to be really good at catching The Discourse™, but totally missing whatever kicked off The Discourse™ in the first place.

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Having moderated a large online community for about a decade now, I'm finding the collective arguing about CW protocol and kindness vs. freedom interesting and familiar and tiring and valuable all in a mix.

Community self-identification is a weird process, and I think I am mostly glad that mastodon doesn't by its very structure require the answer to be monolithic and universal.

But I will tip my hand a little and say that erring on the side of kindness is pretty much always defensible.

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Haven't yet got my head around toot visibility, at least not completely. Think I might have to work on it (;* Especially when I'm replying to people (:*

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@erinT I threw together ones I already have some familiarity with & have a section on stuff that will take more research:

LET IT BE SAID that I don't believe all the world's problems can be solved by chatting online, BUT if I can help someone realize they don't deserve abuse & strategize with them how to get out; or help one person figure out how to access mental healthcare, well, then, I did that.

More on-the-ground, time-intensive than online/pen-pal work:

Volunteer as a clinic escort at a place that provides abortions (there are also networks that provide lodging, transportation & funding to people who need access to care)

Check if your area has a mental health crisis rapid response team (sometimes dispatched instead of the police) and train with them

Get trained to carry & administer Narcan/Naloxone

I am not going to spam a bunch of links but if people are interested in online pockets of the internet where you can connect with people who are struggling, I know of a zillion & you can find one where your skills/knowledge are needed, from "teens who need guidance re: sex ed" to "online communities that deepen disordered thinking/eating" etc etc etc

If there is a needle exchange in your area, get plugged in & support them!

If you are interested in prison reform, check out a books-to-prisons program; become a penpal with someone incarcerated; or volunteer with an org that goes into prisons to work with people or helps with re-entry programs.

If you want to get involved with kids in care but can't get licensed to provide respite care, look into becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate!

If you're interested in teen mental health: volunteer with youth; tutor; etc. - put yourself in a position to build relationships & you can challenge toxic attitudes they are getting from home/school/media.

If you are resilient in the face of serious triggers, there are "pro self harm" communities online where you can directly reach out to people in active crisis who may not be able or willing to access help.

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