Dear new administrators of , if you wish to see your node listed at the largest federating stats hub -, registering it manually is much appreciated. Otherwise it may take a long time before it appears there. Thanks! 🙌

Dear Santa, (I won't tell you about my big wishes for 2021), but my small wish is:

for to stop pinging a third-party lib uploaded from 's CDN
( in admin's panel (search in closed issues) 😳

is not ensured by design in , but we might at least do what we can.

I'm following here two different bots (on two different servers) of the same Twitter account. And their posts are not in sync: each of them reshares some posts the other bot does not. Who knows how many posts I'm not seeing at all.


If you wish to communicate with audience, BE HERE in person.

[thanks for coming to my Ted t...]

📌 Suggestion to use tag - introduced by @cj - as the hashtag for any odd jobs related to . Sounds better than "fedijobs". Will be useful in all networks that allow following hashtags. 👍

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This is my annual post praising the Germans who are still in the lead of regional themed servers trend in .

Regional servers are great! (In theory) they allow users find neighbours, meet and do funky stuff together. Which is the best part of "social". ☕ 🍻

Hey, fedizens
I suggest choosing and using one hashtag for any small jobs *related to federated software* when you post about them on here. This will help more users find your offer. Will do? Or propose something else.

It's interesting that someone is looking for Friendica help on Upwork (extra exposure, yay), but I'm sure they could find someone to help them right here, inside

I'm very late with the suggestion, but... may be next year? Fedi artists can produce stuff (either directly about or generally tech related - stickers, posters, etc) and send those as a reward to anyone contributing to any (or some particular) Fediverse project / repository. Would such small gifts motivate new contributors? :think_bread:

If you can talk with crowds on other instance,
Connect with all - nor lose the private touch,
No ads, nor algorithms envenom your existance,
And some can censure you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With 500 letters worth of Masto-rent,
Yours is the Web and everyone that's in it,
And - which is more - you're Fedizen, my friend!


First Twitter shadowbans mentions of you,
Then Facebook cuts off API for your reshares,
Then Google deletes your mobile clients.

So ice breaks with the coming of spring.

🎉 Happy 12th Birthday,

It's great that you don't put all your eggs in one basket ;) Stay cool.


full-sized image:

✔ idea to not let this day pass unnoticed - by @titi

[Re-listening to the Silmarillion awakens in me the desire to be creative]

Are there many designers here? I'm sure there're some although I haven't found many yet.

Let's use the tag - short and easy - for any user interface concepts of networks?

Since whole interface concepts require a lot of time and energy, I shall post under this tag small features that could be. The ones I'm too shy or too lazy to submit as issues. :)

Please, join
[ and 🥂 ]

Not spammers alone have become more active (yet again).

The forest keeps growing. More users now find time to spin up their own servers?
Go go !

Treasure trove of projects found by @strypey

• SemApps aims to ease data storage and filtering

• SkoHub publication / subscription infrastructure for Open Educational Resources, allows to follow specific subjects and be notified when new content is published

• CPub server built upon Semantic Web ideas, implements Linked Data Platform

• RavenVale federating GuildWars2

🐘 Periodic overview

🎵 - a community for , creatives, producers, etc

🔭 - for people that make stuff

🎬 - for fans of King of the Hill

A self-hosted corpora exchange platform, that aims to be a simple gateway to the for scientific interaction

Hat tip to @titi for the link

developer preferences code-language wise 💻


Of course, if all Wordpress plugins (working and broken ones) and some OStatus tools are included, PHP might as well become number one.

Since the beginning of this year the number of new servers has started to go up again. Slowly, very slowly.

How many of them will stay online when emerald spring touches the Northern hemisphere and everyone goes offline to explore wilderness? 🏕️ We shall see.

Happy federating year, fedizens!

Let's make 2020 a bit more decentralized, so that next decade becomes mainstream.

A stepping stone before going fully peer-to-peer.

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