The sun is shining and everyone's outside.
Cozy blanket will hide me among books and cat.
I'm not at home too.

This is definitely a hot season for Fediverse.

Welcome to wild lands, new friends! 👋 Beautiful paths can't be found without getting lost. I hope you'll enjoy exploring decentralized social networks! 🐾

My sweets run on ! 🐰

One of the few paper toys left from last year.
PeerTube still lives too.
Mastodon was mutilated by the Cat, and Pixelfed found another home.

Just to make your day / night a bit warmer. This is Cuscus, a type of possum, native to Australia.

Visualizing physical decentralization of servers

Neat way to see all the big, popular data centers (hello, Hetzner Helzinki)

Or to explore smaller, less popular hosting providers.

👍 to @poduptime for this great map!

🍁 Hello, autumn! 🍂

Melancholy and rains.
Warm socks and warming conversations.
Not feeling guilty about staying at home.

I hope you'll bring light to those who need it.

Looking at .

Some innovative approaches it uses (please, correct, if wrong):
- Font awesome: external remote resource dependency, issue 7475
- Hcaptcha on signup (can it be disabled?)
- Sentry error reporting (sent to main Sentry's server? disabled by default?)

There's also some Google search component but I can't see where it is actually used, since it's supposed to use ElasticSearch for internal queries?

And Deepl translation integration, though seems to be in a plugin?

Official Mastodon app reached 10k downloads...

..Unofficial public stats reached 10k nodes.

Coincidence? 😼 I don't think so.

Next summer - 20k nodes. We can do it!

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Finished "Sunvault".

It has a beautiful cover which brings to mind floating city concepts.

The contents was a bit different from what I'd expected. Still there were 2 stories that made my brain purr.

Any more recommendations for reading (or visual) sources about solar, lunar, eco speculations? Non-fictional, real small stories of successful related projects would be of interest as well!

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