Books, cats & kindness 

Recent months were stressful. I long for simple sources of distraction / optimism. TV series work so so: too full of deaths, jokes that were funny 3 years ago, and unnecessary drama. I turned to books and found that my 50+ unread bookshelf consists mostly of non-fiction on economics, politics, IT, spying + fantasy novels that aren't good enough. Then I saw the book I'd read years before. Because of it I adopted (not baught) a cat. My quest for optimism is over (for today:)


Books, cats & kindness 

The book is "The cat who came for Christmas" 🐾 by Amory Cleveland

Storytelling might be imperfect and structure a bit chaotic. But the dose of kindness is just right. Bonus point: the author being a man, a sensitive one. Recommended to everyone owned by cat(s), and to those who need a hideout from bad thoughts.

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