As I'm working on I was wondering what is more important to you for picking a project to potential contribute to:

@RyunoKi Many people have already mentioned that the community around a project is a major factor. So some ideas (a bit hard to implement but still): there could be a filter "by types of contributions needed" (requires tracking which projects have i.e. open issues with labels "for begginers", "first contribution" etc), which ones have translation platforms (my first contribution ever was translating diaspora* strings).


@RyunoKi Maybe also Fedi projects can submit to you themselves what they need via a form or an issue to your repo. Some need frontend help like Friendica, others - community development, text, documentation, security audits, design contributions, etc.

I want to be a view on fedi projects. It's better to channel ideas into delightful lists or similar.

My vision is something like but for Fediverse.

So I'm stumbling into this direction.

Right now, I am waiting for a PR to be merged that will clean up some erroneous formatting.

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