We made fediverse.info for you, the #fediverse.

This represents more than just Pixelfed, and we recognize how important it is to remain unbiased and not use this to further our own project.

Our long term goal for fediverse.info is to turn it over to a reputable, non-profit organization if possible!

Your feedback is invaluable and has helped shape the project thus far, let us know what you think about this!

@pixelfed What is the main difference between this and fediverse.party?

@jason123santa @pixelfed fediverse.party has a lot more data, and is generally more useful. This is meant to compliment resources like fediverse.party with features like the People Directory

@jason123santa @pixelfed

IMHO I believe it would be so much better and actually useful if all features of websites like fediverse.info and fediverse.party were joined together in one unique website. Since AFAIK all of those websites are open source, anyone could contribute and add to the most celebrated website the feature they would be building a whole new website for, without needing to actually create it from scratch. This would also avoid having different endpoints to update with the features, the development status, etc. of #ActivityPub #platforms.

@dansup don’t you think that #Fediverse related website are becoming too many and confusing instead of useful for newcomers?

#fedi22 #meta


@tommi Most things here are run by volunteers. It does make sense to centralize some general information about it all. But, unlike Wikipedia, we can't realistically guarantee that any site will always be stable for years to come. We don't have the resources needed to provide such guarantees. For example, fediverse.space was lucky to be revived by a new maintainer, but fediverse.network went down forever. By duplicating information the community makes sure everything won't disappear at once.

@lightone I understand, but my argument is to unite in one common great forkable dataset all of the info and the codebase, then of course the website could be moved, change ownership and maintainer.

My point is: if I pose myself the question “I need all of the most up to date and comprehensive data and information, where do I go?”

I do not have a unique answer… I should have, though.

Maybe @humanetech has the answer.

@tommi @lightone

A solution to this can be to have fediverse apps aimed at knowledge aggregation. You'd have publishers of information, aggregators that are federated, and subscribers that consume the info for whatever purpose. It'll be an open ecosystem where anyone can be publisher or subscriber, and anyone can spin up aggregators. The information published could match pre-defined templates, and be rich linked data, allowing a lot of flexibility to federate and retrieve the interesting bits.

@tommi @lightone

There are numerous specialized use cases that match this general mechanism.

@humanetech @lightone @tommi

Back in the dogfooding business I see 😁

A single gitable data-table is probably all one needs in this particular context, although the idea of fedi-curated databases looks very interesting !
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