Visualizing physical decentralization of servers

Neat way to see all the big, popular data centers (hello, Hetzner Helzinki)

Or to explore smaller, less popular hosting providers.

👍 to @poduptime for this great map!

@lightone @poduptime Remember, if you're not running it yourself, it's not really self-hosting.

@lightone @poduptime

Cool. Closest one to me, has one user, and is closed, But has an up time of 18 months. Whomever that is, seems to know what they're doing at least.

Does this list also count Perloma ?

@randynose Yes, Pleroma servers are on the map too! As well as most other Fediverse projects (that support NodeInfo).

@poduptime @randynose @lightone
My 3 self-hosted federated instances are listed, but the map places them 200 km away...

I'm guessing my IP address gives the location of my ISP's headquarters.
@poduptime @lightone

@normandc @poduptime @lightone
I'm going to guess that. - It seem like Google / and my ISP figured out my physical locator shortly after I moved in...

@lightone @poduptime no server at Hetzner Falkenstein? I don’t think represents reality.

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