✔ Overview of recent projects

• Ocelot Social - social and knowledge network for active citizenship:

• Dharma - community-building platform for Eve Online corporations:

• Vagabond - social network built with security and privacy in mind:

• hvxahv - multifunctional network based on AP, ipfs and Matrix protocols:

For all projects visit: |

@Madmonkey I don't know Ocelot developer nicknames inside Fediverse, so it's best to send comments about any issues to their github issues tracker.

@lightone, I really like this kind of mix of Fediverse/Activity Pub projects, as well as news from the world of Fediverse.

There's not a lot of news in particular. I don't mean you, but that news about Fediverse is pretty hard to find.

@TheFuzzStone Yep. News about Fedi is scattered around Fedi. Every developer is posting about their own project. @blog sometimes covers Fedi news. The news section on used to be more active, but with many other small things to update, this particular part of the website was put on hold. What I'm really saying is - contributions welcome :D

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