Hi @lightone there's a new cool site for the selection of #fediverse instances, that I didn't know of before.


Maybe a good candidate for inclusion on @fediverseparty if it wasn't mentioned yet.


@humanetech Hi! Instances.social is the oldest instance picker, created and maintained by the admin of my Mastodon server :) I think it appeared even before Joinmastodon.org picker. The link to it used to be on fediverse.party, but at some point I removed it. TheKinrar mentioned the service might be closed in the future. I now returned it to /Mastodon website's page (at the bottom, Server lists).

There's a Wiki list of such services, I've updated it now:

@lightone @humanetech just so you know, I don't plan to close instances.social anymore

And I can confirm it came way before joinmastodon.org, I believe I created it on the first or second of April 2017

@lightone @humanetech I have more time than I used to, therefore I really want to improve the website. I'll post updates if that happen anyway. :)


@TheKinrar Good to know. Thank you! πŸ‘ πŸ’š

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