Coincidences! I've been thinking of (good old days on) yesterday and of how I miss thoughtful, long-form communication - and today, after a long time, diaspora has had a minor release. Maybe thinking about it speeds things up a bit :fishthink:

@lightone One of the things that brought me from D* to Friendica was merging all the AP and D* federation into one "portal".

@lightone Always enjoyed D* - and would have been using it way more if it just had mobile support and userbase similar to the current #fediverse back then. Does D* integrate well with the current federation model by now?

@z428 diaspora has had mobile support for a while now (dandelion or some such app on Fdroid). I don't know what you mean by "the current federation model"? It has no plans of adding ActivityPub, so it is sort of like Matrix - available on ActivityPub side only through bridges (Friendica, Hubzilla).

@lightone None of the mobile apps for D* were even remotely on par with what, say, #fedilab or #tusky offer (not even talking about proprietary social networks). Insporation ( could fix this but also still is pretty rudimentary. As for bridging... well, the techie in me still considers "bridges" to be more of an antipattern than a smart idea to provide interoperability. 😐 Even the open networks are way too much "silo"'ish these days.

@z428 Sorry, never tested d* mobile apps, don't mind me. Oh yes, I hate bridges! Except one-way bridges - those at least have a chance to work seamlessly. Two-way bridges that are supposed to relay human interactions are a nightmare and break all built-in privacy measures. However, I do not support the idea that diaspora is now a silo because it doesn't suport AP. We always talk about biodiversity, gender diversity etc. But when it comes to tech, we slide back to OBEY logic. That sucks.

@lightone Well, I am torn a bit here to be honest. Have been on Diaspora for quite a while, but somehow it never managed to really be my "primary" network - as always, mostly because missing contacts there. And, about the "silo": Yes, diversity is a good thing, but branding proprietary networks as "walled gardens" is a common move of the open communities (and in most cases for good reasons). In the open world, I see this even worse as a matter of "divide and conquer": As long as you ...

@lightone ... have 10000+ different and incompatible open alternatives and few people (devs, users), you can be sure these people will be split up across all these platforms and technologies, essentially making sure none of them gets enough "mass" and traction to be a real competitor to Facebook, Twitter, ... . 😟

@lostinlight @z428 Yes it is fragmented. Unless You have Hubzilla. But I think the "mass" is not needed. Actually, personal or very small hubs are maybe best.

@lightone if they implement a activertypub bridge they suddenly become relevent and all there functionalty can be used - would be exiting :)

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