🐉 Important question

Have you collected anything in childhood?
(Kinder toys, cards, postcards, calendars, Panini stickers, ?)

Do you collect anything today? Or would you like to?

@lightone I used to collect used train tickets, fèves from galette des rois (couldn't find an acceptable English translation), cool rocks, some stamps too, but I never got into actual collection. I dropped everything when I moved out of my parents' house, and again when I moved to the US, but now it seems like I started to collect LEGO car replicas. So far I've bought new or used: Ford Mustang '67 Fastback, Aston-Martin DB5, Fiat 500F, MINI Cooper, Ferrari Tributo, Nissan GTR, Volkswagen Beetle, Caterham Seven 620F and the Volkswagen Camper Van.

@hypolite Nice! Train tickets were probably a welcome reminder of past trips. Hope to see a photo of your newly created Lego car collection some day ;)

@hypolite @lightone I will, we just need to build the Camper Van, the Caterham and a Ferrari F40 I forgot to mention. We've been doing it together with my partner, either I'm building and she's knolling, or she's building and I'm passed her the parts.

@lightone I had maybe a dozen of lucky bus tickets ( and some stickers from chewing gum, but that's about it.

In my teenage years I collected screenshots of software crapping out; got about a hundred of them.

These days, I don't do any collecting and not really looking to get into it, because I view it as an expensive hobby with little utility.

(So, um, why is this question important? _)

@minoru Screenshots??? Dear me, you're a certified geek from teenagehood! Among collectors though intangible things are considered a less exciting topic, I think. It's important for me because I'd like to understand if collecting is still a thing among grown-ups. Apart from collecting money, of course... Of all my friends I have only one couple who collect various Mangas, and two more people who collect books generally (although do books count? not sure).

@lightone Yeah, intangible things are a very far stretch, I'm mentioning it only because it's fun to think back to it :)

I believe that books count if they are collected for a certain property, like if it's a certain edition, or a niche publisher, or have illustrations by a particular illustrator. Just buying the books you like is not a collection per se (although a fine hobby too!)

I can't remember anyone amongst my friends and acquaintances who collect something. But perhaps they just don't share; it's a bit of a weird hobby.

@lightone @minoru I remembered I'm also collecting the change I kept from all my trips abroad, I must have a dozen different currencies represented.
@lightone I'm more or less collecting T-Shirts and stickers - and it seems as if my collection of face masks is growing as well 😀

@heluecht Stickers sound interesting! Do you actually stick them anywhere or just keep them in a box? :) I guess you're talking about tech-related stickers one can get at tech conferences? Or something more specific?

@lightone just everything that is in my reach at conferences, especially the C3 conferences. But also I do have bicycle related stickers (I'm a bike activist as well) and some political stickers (I had been long active in a political party) and also a lot of stickers from @islieb since I'm one of his Patreon supporters. I often don't stick them, but collect them at different places (for example in my laptop case).

@heluecht So this is more or less a random sticker collection :) When I was a child, Panini stickers and albums were very popular. The great thing about them was that they had a sense of finality - once all the blank places in the album were filled up, the collection was full (all the stickers had numbers where to stick them). I think they're still printed today, but modern kids are less enthusiastic, they have so many more other things to distract their attention.

@lightone I'm a chaotic person, this collection reflects that 😀
@heluecht @lightone I've been collecting graphic tee-shirts as well, I especially love crossover illustrations. In my current apartment we have a closet that is just my tee-shirts on hangers, organized by color. I even have a few tee-shirts I only wear one day in the year because it is about a specific occasion. For example I recently wore my V for Vendetta tee-shirt on November 5th.
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