it is getting absolutely crazy 1984++ dystopia.

There are #openstreetmap overlays showing #surveillance cams and some dedicated sites to view/update. Check:


#privacy please

@lightone tbqh this looks like a motion sensor to me ( bol.com/nl/p/scs-sentinel-witt , presumably to turn the lights on/off or detect that there are still people in the building before enabling the alarm).

You're right that a camera would easily fit in that enclosure, though, and it'd be better not to keep your guests guessing like that!

@raboof Thanks for the link! I'm a bit sceptical that these are motion lights but perhaps I'll be able to check this theory once I'm near those free public toilets again. Some months ago there had been reports of cameras in new public toilets, and the official govt responce was "They do not work when a person is inside". 😬

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