More Fedi communities for scientists about : - for French speaking science lovers - for naturalists and those who appreciate evidence based science - for scientists and science enthusiasts - for researchers, journal editors, librarians, anyone involved in academia

@lightone Thanks for sharing :) There is also - social network for scientists. And then… this “OLKI-thing” that I suppose it’s a MastoFork.

@titi Yes, I shared these links because I saw many users resharing the news about Fediscience new server :) It seems to be closed for registrations at the moment, so I thought it may be useful to share similar servers that accept new members. As for OLKi, as far as I remember, it is not a Mastodon fork but completely different software. Apart from OLKi, among ActivityPub software for "data exchange" there's also Skohub, Cpub and SemApps. is everything but scholarly. They are an extremely ban and block happy echo chamber.
I recommend instead.

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