[Re-listening to the Silmarillion awakens in me the desire to be creative]

Are there many designers here? I'm sure there're some although I haven't found many yet.

Let's use the tag - short and easy - for any user interface concepts of networks?

Since whole interface concepts require a lot of time and energy, I shall post under this tag small features that could be. The ones I'm too shy or too lazy to submit as issues. :)

Please, join
[ and 🥂 ]


“Were the private keys saved on the server side in that implementation?”

No, only the public key, shared in webfinger and the actor object which are both ideal for this purpose. In an E2EE environment the server should never see the private key because that represents a potential backdoor.

@mike Interesting! A pity I was not in Fedi when RedMatrix was in use. Well, we can't have reliable E2EE in federated environment, but we have other small improvements over centralized public networks :)

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