Hooray! Pleroma Officially Releases 2.x Series

Pleroma, the beloved microblogging platform powered by Elixir, is now in the 2.x series and offers some pretty awesome changes! wedistribute.org/2020/03/hoora

"The #Pleroma frontend is faster, the theming system has evolved more, users can now mute entire domains from their timelines ..."
- #SeanTilley

Exactly where that sort of filtering power belongs, with the user. Go Pleroma!



@strypey One can mute entire domains in Mastodon and Friendica as well :)

@strypey The user! In Mastodon open user's profile and in the dropdown next to "follow/unfollow" button you'll find the option "hide everything from <usersdomain>". A great helper in muting domains that send tons of spam (ab)using popular hashtags.

@lightone fantastic! Admins now have a strong argument for refusing ideological instance blocks, in that users can DIY for their own feeds.

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