Hey #fediverse devs, please consider implementing #Libravatar in your apps:

Like #Gravatar, it's a way for users to change their profile pic/ avatar images in one place and have it propogate across other servies they use. But unlike Gravatar, it's decentralized and not controlled by Automattic. It is fully #FreeCode and compatible with #OpenID though.


@strypey Interesting. I guess tech people are lazier than I thought :D Or perhaps they use way more services at once. I've always thought changing an avatar is a 5-seconds business, and, come to think of it, never found it important to have same pic everywhere . I'm sad when platforms add external Gravatar dependency for profile pics - that means no avatars for me :( [3rd party's blocked].

@lightone there are times it's very useful to be able to change profile pics everywhere quickly. Before I moved to China, I tried to use pics that might allow folks to recognize me at events and say hi. When we decided to move here, I wanted pics that would make it harder to tie Strypey to my face.

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