Latest () projects:
• Epicyon - for low-powered hardware
• Honk - focused on minimal setup and support costs
• groundpolis - Misskey fork
• Dolphin - single user, Misskey based
• Guppe - adds "groups" support, group-type actors forward posts to group members
• RSS-to-AP Converter

Thanks to @strypey for curating new apps / tools 🔭

@lightone @strypey also Smithereen which I'm making. VKontakte-like social network written in Java (probably the first ever #ActivityPub implementation in Java) with friends and walls and photos and groups... Of which currently only friends and walls are implemented. Not quite ready enough and so not published anywhere yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

@grishka release early, release often 😃 If you're got friends and walls working over AP you're well ahead of quite a few AP projects that have already published code. Does #Smithereen have a homepage?

@grishka There was a Java project somewhere on our AP watchlist. This is good news. I hope you'll copy at least parts of VK features. :) I think its clean and (arguably) well-structured interface is very user-friendly.

@lightone I'll copy as much as makes sense, except there will never be the ability to post as a community.

Also recently learned that the way friend requests work in VK is confusing to those who never used it... Or I'm just bad at explaining things.

@lostinlight @˗ˏˋ Doug Belshaw ˎˊ˗ 🇪🇺☠️✊ @Гришка @Federated Networks Association @Strypey

Also, Zap now supports ActivityPub federation for nearly all of its base features - media privacy, comment permissions/moderation, nomadic identity, events, groups, circles, collections, expiration, cloud storage ...

@continuum really? I thought #Zap was #Zot only and Mike gave up on connecting with AP etc when he canned #Osada? Did he change his mind again?

@feneas @dajbelshaw @grishka @lightone


I don't personally worry about people that change their mind. It indicates they have the capacity to listen and act on new information and adapt to a rapidly changing world. I am much more concerned about people that do not.

@lightone whoa. super awesome.

epicyon looks like exactly wnat i could use to have a basic mastodon server for me and 10 friends/family members.

@lightone @strypey Great stuff, great to see innovation and collaboration to get things working better serve peoples diverse needs. We just need to get the word out.


Hey @claude, that RSS-to-AP converter looks like something you'd like!

@jump_spider Thanks, but no. I only use ActivityPub because we failed to turn RSS into the distributed social network it should have become.

@lightone @strypey Don't sleep on #Zap (privacy focused).
Now with optional #ActivituPub support (in addition to #Zot).

@xavavu I thought Mike gave up on #ActivityPub when he canned #Osada. When did that change?

@strypey @lightone a bit more context after Osada was resurrected, worked on, and re-canned:

Re: giving up on ActivityPub

You may recall in the past I said I would not federate with another protocol unless it supported nomadic identity, media privacy, and offered spam resistance and the ability to moderate comments. We're very close to having all of these things over ActivityPub (I've been implementing and testing these requirements for a few weeks now), so I'm remaining true to my moral principles.

Osada is dead! Long live Zap!

@xavavu that's great news. So if GNU social can get their AP implementation stabilized, all that remains is someone writing an implementation for Diaspora ;)

@xavavu given this, how likely is it that the work done on #Zap to develop newer version(s) of #Zot, and move AP support into core, will be backported to #Hubzilla? I've heard that when Hubzilla hubs use the federation plug-in to support AP, Diaspora, and OStatus, it breaks #NomadicIdentity.

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