Rogers's Law: Look for the helpers.

Corollary: If you look around and don't see any helpers, the helper is you.

my dear old village
attached to nothing
autumn dusk


@Elizafox 3) "modern life" is built on exploitation. as the structures of exploitation crumble, so will our infrastructure.

and then we will built something more just and sustainable on its ruins 😍

spring has come
today all the fires of hell
a butterfly
in the shallow river

Does "403This action is not allowed" mean that I am blocked when I try to follow a user?

I'm listening to the whole Linkin Park discography on repeat, day after day...

[to the Doctor Who theme]

In related news, mein Threema-ID-Backup war so shit, dass ich den QR-Code jetzt von Hand abgemalt habe. Hat funktioniert.

Neun Geschäfte aus dem Schanzenviertel (aka Bürgerkriegsgebiet) melden sich zu Wort: #noG20hh

white abusive fuckboys 

I just realized that Julian Assange and Jacob Appelbaum have the same initials 😦

@erol @ntk Cool! Will you employ a code of conduct, and make it a safe space for kurdish, armenian, and other minorities, too?

@Elizafox I would enjoy watching a couple of redpillers on LSD or MDMA, though!

politics, rough snark 

@Killervalentine3 @jd @rysiek This is a very harmful technology, because societies are not computers. Or, to give another, probably as inaccurate analogy: Have you ever tried turning your body off and on again?

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