Folks I am also for the redpandas

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Ahhh, my first exercise in filtering a whole subject out of my timeline. I feel like @ben_hr in a new world

Show me the mastodon instance that has a red panda emoji and I'm moving there instantly

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Here are the rules: post a song with a tempo of 100-120bpm (optimal rate for CPR according to the Resuscitation Council of Australia).

It must be disco or disco-adjacent in genre.

I'll go first:

I was flicking through a Scouts Manual this evening and wow, nobody told me that organisation actually kind of rules

Current status:

[a bass player is playing an up-and-down phrase, waiting for the rest of the seven-piece band to come in. I walk to a microphone]

This song is called

‘Tighten up’

Current status: searching for a kinetic solution

'there is a growing desire for a religion that is assertive and distinctive: a religion, perhaps, that is not afraid to be extreme. One sees this in the resurgent popularity of classical forms of music and ritual, in the return to the writings of premodern and medieval theologians'


For introducing me to the phrase 'pelvic orthodoxy', on the other hand: one million points

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The Catholic Church as a fundamental enemy of liberalism; well that's not new, that's just the nineteenth century: the Catholic Church as the ally of prosperity-gospel grifters and the American boss class, that's just weird

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'The Eclipse of Catholic Fusionism': this is an essay I've seen posted around a few places, and each time I see it I find it a bafflingly foreign American culture wars artefact

Read this you muppets: 'Is Literature Dead'?

'...we seem unwilling to confront the fallout of one simple observation: literature doesn’t, can’t, have the influence it once did...'

workplaces with highly paid actual grown ups in them 

This morning I sent a firm, pointed, but not aggressive work email pointing out some boundaries and appropriate behaviour, I would recommend it.

[Deleted the phrases ‘high school level behaviour’ and ‘wasting my time’]

Maybe red panda instagram, on which note follow this account immediately you muppets

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Few things make me more excited than a big 'Search the collection' button on a website

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