@gerowen Imagine what you would find if you requested the data per the “data request”

So much for allegedly "harmless" metadata. In that case, the content of the email stayed encrypted, but the metadata had to be handed over to the authorities and the person was arrested on this basis it appears.


I had to try Brave after a bug made Firefox freezing a couple seconds after start (it is reported). I have to admit, it is snappier and features like fingerprint randomization or the speedreader mode are quite good. I feels like there is some engineering work done on the browser, with real progress from one release to the next.
I still miss Containers, though. I hope Firefox stays relevant and get back to shipping innovations soon!

Want to host your project's README (with small changes) on your personal website, for instance to leave github at some point?

“It didn't feel great at the time, but had we not been in the midst of that crisis I'm not sure we ever would have started Cloudflare.” So inspiring.


“You can assume modern CPUs are infinitely fast. They run at infinite speed until they hit the memory wall”


@aplufr À dire vrai, tu peux arriver sur le cas limite où il n'y a plus que du sucre dans le pot. 🤔

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