Oh and it's very much theme-able if you know a little CSS. It comes with a Solarized Dark theme because that's what matches my window manager, but it's very easy to change.

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Okay, here's uMessage, the iMessage bridge I've been working on to be able to use iMessage from Linux (or really anything with a web browser), with most of the functionality done. Supports group chats, iMessage, SMS, and image attachments (using a file browser, drag-and-drop, or copy-paste). It's basically fully functional as of now, just a couple more features before I'd call it a real 1.0 beta.

Link: github.com/cvincent/imessage_o

This is starting to look like a real chat app: github.com/cvincent/imessage_o

Decided not to fuck around with Webpack for this app. For all the faults of Sprockets, it's so much easier to get everything I need working, and changing a line of JavaScript doesn't cause the next page load to take forever.

spiders, goths 

im not goth but (spiders crawl out of mouth, nose, ears) i just like the style you know? (spiders crawl over my face)

hacking on iMessage shit 

Soon I will have the ability to use iMessage from Linux. I've got a small Rails app which runs on my old Mac and displays my conversations from the iMessage database, and I just figured out how to send messages (individual and group) via AppleScript. Just gotta tie these two things together now.

I intend to release it as open source. This has been today's unalienated labor report, Labor Day edition.

boost for "fuck landlords", fav for "fuck landlords". if you do both it stacks

Little Green Men is the best DS9 episode I’ve seen so far, by far. This shit bangs

@jsdtweets Riker was really the standout character but it was very well written.

Just met a comrade at the gym wearing a Subcommandante Marcos shirt. He was a lil surprised I knew who it was

Tripp’s cat avi guy turned me on to DeLeonism, but more modernized. In general I like the immediacy and realism of dual power and mutual aid. It’s something we can organize and do now, without the permission of a state (or first overthrowing a state), and in so doing prefigure in some way a postcapitalist world. It’s not a totalizing plan, and the devil is in the details, but it’s a good framework imo

Hmm starting to look like this won't work either. Am I about to become an Android guy?

Blowback effect when building walled-garden tech: when people get fed up with your shit they don't just have to leave one of your products, they end up having to leave all of them.

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Gonna have green bubbles now. And I’m sore at losing the E2E encryption. But nearly all my texting is sending memes and shit to friends, and I’ll be damned if Apple will make that more difficult for me simply because I switched my desktop OS away from the one they’re abandoning

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Apple has gone through great lengths to ensure nobody can use iMessage outside their ecosystem. Texting via my laptop is now the last thing I really miss after switching to Linux. However, there is a solution:

Vim people: just came up with this bit of config that seems to be helping a great deal with typing-to-screen latency

Wew lads and lasses and enbies...I was extremely On Mastodon last night

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