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Old house find: this early 1900s lock of some sort I removed from a door frame.

I like being able to pin tags on mastodon. Just wish I could have multiple tags included per pinned column, e.g., results for both and in the same column, instead of two separate columns for and .

How does integrate with ? Should I be able to follow a pixelfed account from my mastodon account?

Show HN: Browsh – A modern, text-based browser

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I wrote this #blog post about not being able to find a word I wanted to use in my novel. I wound up talking to a linguist and a philosopher (and my social network here on Mastodon (thanks everyone!) about all the possible words that could mean a prophecy came true. Here's the breakdown of my search, including different religions, cultures, and languages... and what I wound up going with!

#religion #language #linguistics #bloggersofmastodon #research #blogpost #amwriting

I will never stop being amused by #TypeScript's `Promise<void>` return type

.@grahamc says: "@Newt @amnesia fwiw this isn't true. We do care about security and take great care to do this properly. Kmicu doesn't represent the Nix team's position on security. If you want to validate it before execution, it is right here: screenshotscdn.firefoxusercont"
(getting in the hash tags)


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