Decided to give a try on .

I was hesitant because:

A) it's 2 major versions behind the current one, missing a lot of improvements, changes and ereader-specific fixes.

B) I've gotten used to manually prepare and manage and annotations on my reader. Sure, it's more of a hassle to do it by hand but I've been bitten twice by the increased complexity, losing books & annotations.

Still, I've installed it and I'll see how it goes. 🤞 🤞 🤞

If flatpak is available in your raspbian, you may install calibre from flathub which offers the latest version.


@dimitrisk I vaguely recall investigating flatpak specifically for Calibre but for reasons I don't remember deciding against it. It might had something to do with the extra layer of abstraction/complexity it would add, I'm not sure.

I might need to revisit, thanks for reminding me :-)

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