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All you wonderful people, you have helped #SaveYourInternet.

Thank you so much to all of you involved directly and indirectly, supporting this by calling, mailing, talking, or just rooting for the right outcome.

Internet is not to be messed with.

They will now say that we were all paid by Google. They will all say that this was Facebook and Twitter lobbying.

But we know otherwise! We have been there. We've seen it happen.

We made it happen.

This is how you change the world for the better.

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I'd like to tag the first release candidate on July 17th. Federation support needs to be perfect before I push it, and it should be in the next few days! #pixelfed #ThreeMonthsLater

Mozilla apparently has noticed this and the extension will probably get removed.

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"Money doesn't interest me" - Creator of Blender talks about its future -

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Sadly will shut down on 5th of September. So we have to move on.

You can find us here:


Please follow us there to get the latest updates and to interact with us.
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What Twitter, IG has done to developers & users, and YouTube has done to creators, is make a huge market for alternatives. We are already 10x better.

- No advertisements
- Chronological timelines
- Federation (no silos)
- No behavioural tracking
- Developer Friendly APIs

#supportFederation #activitypub

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Markus boosted repository index is now fixed. Should be all working normally again!

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Russian Court Bans Telegram App for refusing to hand over encryption keys.

Commendable they refuse to hand over keys but now no more Telegram in Russia... The issue with made clear again. Better with …

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