@klaatu Finally got around to playing Petition. Nice work! That was really fun!

@klaatu BTW, do you have a rule about attacking/defending with powerups? We played by the following rules: You need at least one citizen in your initial two cards (the other could be a citizen or a powerup), then you could add more of either type if you went into battle.

@kuna Original intent was that the 1st cards in a "battle" had to be people (note that powerups are only mentioned as an option in the "Battle" section, not "Gather support" of the instructions).

However, I see that the booklet doesn't make that explicitly clear. Allowing powerups in the initial stage of battle does not break the game, though, and I quite like your restriction that at least one must be a citizen.

I might try to playtest all options and then issue clarification...somewhere.

@klaatu Ah, I see. So the powerups are intended as a battle card only. That makes sense. We didn't end up going into battle that much in our first game; we were mostly working through gameplay and strategy. Thanks for the info, and I really like the game!

@kuna Thanks for buying/playing and the feedback. I really appreciate it!

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