Surely the concept of "work to rule" isn't merely only doing what's in your employment contract - it's interpreting your contract in the strictest sense. Otherwise, I've been working to rule this whole time lol

You'd never see a news story like "today the UK legalized gay marriage. A faux democracy, with an unelected house, the UK chemically castrated gays in the 60s." But read the BBC article on Cuba lol

It's been so long without my washer dryer @Samsung and it's winter and it won't stop raining and I have a new puppy and a kid and I've got so so so much washing:(

Someone just asked me if I remember what the last DVD I rented was. I never owned a DVD player. I'm at this weird place and age where I somehow went straight from VHS to downloads, I skipped DVDs all together lol

My kid is 6 today. What the fuck. They are not old enough to be six.

I just found out the word spud (meaning potato) is a New Zealand word, I always thought it was weird on trainspotting how that character was called potato lol

Dosa with cabbage and mushrooms and cheese and kewpie and bbq sauce. An abomination in the eyes of 1.38 billion people probably lol

Today's covid mitigation changes are very neoliberal though, take something that works, change it till its less effective, then get rid of it because it can be painted as ineffective.

I mean it was obviously gonna happen but I'm still pretty upset and the abandonment of practically all covid mitigations at today's press conference

"Changes we have made are significant, Ardern said. We take control back. This will be the first summer in three years where our borders are fully reopened." As if you can just assert dominance 9ver a virus. It's not inspiring and motivational when it's a lie.

I've got an infant theory thta maybe a strong national identity requires crimes to have happened, like a genocide or progrom to remove people who don't ascribe to or fit your goal Identity or juts straight up bullying.

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