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"after dark" is such a fucked phrase bc people use it to mean at night but thats during dark, after dark is just the morning

Playing horizon zero dawn, seems pretty rad so far but why do the striders look, sound, and act like robot horses? Couldn't the designers come up with something more original?

I'd love to understand how the messaging for the PM was put together - the words/phrases "bubbles", "team of 5 million", "it will grow before it slows". Are these off the cuff and run with? Are these highly focus grouped? They seem almost clumsy but effective at the same time!

I've heard through the grapevine that there may be community transmission in Auckland, keep an ear out on the news. Potential regional lockdown.

Again, this is third party info so....

When the news say that "protestors clashed with police" it feels like the police are the natural inhabitants of the area and that the protestors are the Interlopers. But in reality, if anything it's the other way around. Either way, the implications of the phrase seem wrong

I know there are 2 registered voters in my house but I don't think we needed two pamphlets @nzlabour

Everyone should go chuck a couple pingers to @dirtbagnz for their podcast at

Also listen to it to cos it's like good and stuff

I just had a revelation on my head - for extra silky hummus without the annoying pealing chickpeas step, use channa dal. They are chickpeas that are split and pealed already. Holy shit.

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Mike hosking was genetically engineered in a lab to be the stupidest motherfucker alive.

The younger you are the more your vote should count because you have to live the longest with you decisions.

The question of safety of trans women playing contact sports is a bit tricky, but surely the real answer is weight grades - not "gender" grades - if the concern is safety?

Are there any religions that forbid covering ones head?

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