The cat bus on My neighbour Totoro has testicles

My forehead stopped swelling, it's moved into my eyelids hahaha oh god I'm an abomination

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i'm too attractive to know what the fuck veggietales is but i'd just like to say my veggiesona is a colony of mushrooms growing out of the corpse of god

Well the nurse prescribed ibuprofen and codeine and rest, and said the swelling would probably get worse, but I have no neurological damage and no broken bones so yay!

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birdsite link, guy breaking autozone windows wearing MPD kit

as a friend put it:

> the umbrella is straight from the hong kong protests and he's wearing a mask that is the same as the MPD

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Yeah im ringing the doctor. For reference, I don't have a receeding hairline, and my eyelids are usually normal sized.... You can see the impact zone just left of middle there!

The 3.75 year old head butted me accidentally 48 hours ago, and now my forehead has swollen up so much my eyes are closing up

Kids are so literal. I was just picking up the 3.75 year old from day care and I asked them "who wants to go home and see mum" and 2 other kids said "me"! and ran to the gate....

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"New Zealanders' confidence in the housing market has taken a big knock"

This is straight up propaganda - my confidence has been raised and I bet a lot of New Zealanders confidence has as well at the thought of cheaper housing

Man I can't wait till weed is legal then I'm gonna get high AF then I'll super paranoid and remember why I don't like weed and spend the rest of the time wishing I could be straight again. Why couldn't they make LSD legal :(

All these apps are forcing various "night mode"s on me, what's the point? I never asked for this. If your gonna do something like this, make it easy to turn off.

5.8 out of levin, Christ that was a shaky one.

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The 3.75 year old is watching Kiki's delivery service and wow do they have the biggest grin hahaha

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have you considered maybe trying to just be a window?

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I soaked some chickpeas and put them in the freezer a few weeks ago as per normal, last night I made a curry and jammed the frozen chickpeas in BUT I forgot I mistakenly didn't cook them before freezing them. They were a little firm. I have much gas today ugh my tumtum

I went from 0 gauge to 00 gauge in a piercing and phew that was a liiiiiiiiiiittle spicy

Why why WHY do we have timezones they make coding real hard

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