Since when did businesses become fucking sentient beings who can think and feel and die? COVIDs been hard on business huh? Fuck that noise, COVIDs been irrelevant for business.

I posted a YIKES blog post by the editor of The Lancet a month ago. This month he posted another opinion piece&it's truely bizarre. It's like he doesn't know what decolonization means and refuses to look it up, but has good takes on politicians

The poor countries that have made their own vaccines may actually be the real heros of the pandemic in the coming few months. We could have helped earlier but cowardly hoarded vaccines & wouldn't waive patents, and that's cost poorer countries a million+ lives and caused variants

I keep forgetting that it got auto-deleted since I started using that Forget app, so I will instead just rewrite the toot:

This is your irregular reminder that if you follow me you’ve made a terrible mistake.

The 5 year old watched star wars 4 a new hope once a week ago, and made "Luke Skywalker" today LOOK AT THE HAIR LOL

So many catch phrases I've come to realize are just-so trueisms. "Innovation requires incentive, those who give up freedom for security deserve neither, I don't agree with what you say but I'll defend your right to say it" for example are all reductive bullshit

i think egypt should get the queen's corpse to show off in their museums or eat it if they prefer

Dune is somehow 1 hour too long AND 3 hours too short.

Why the fuck are there bagpipes in dune?!?? Make no fucking sense.

Just remembered that there was a show that came out in 2015 called "Last Man on Earth".

The plot took place in the year 2020 where a global pandemic wiped out the earth population.

It was a comedy.

The 5 year old got this teddy at school, the first thing they did after getting home from school was walk up to me, stick their finger in the hole and say "this is where it wees and poops from" haha

her name is actually queen elizabeth england. first middle and last name

If you're 25-30 and your main circle isn't frequently discussing:

~ Manganese Futures
~ Semen Retention
~ Keto
~ The fact that bananas are genetic clones and a single disease could wipe them out

Then it's time to elevate your circle.

The problem here is it's not hosking who broadcast Hoskings opinion - NZME did, and if the BSA can't hold NZME responsible then maybe the BSA needs more power. Hosking can say what he likes. NZME is not a person, and can't be granted the same protections

This seems great, but we don't need the "industry" to do this, we can do it ourselves, and better than what they would do. This is an attempt to monetize, that's all. Microsoft gaming chief calls for industry-wide game preservation - Axios -

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