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Here is my most recent #Slackware Desktop. It's getting prettier! Yay!

Also I am now using something that makes my terminal look nice and fun.

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I agree with @brandon.

I just tried it with

$ pandoc --version

And it works as expected.

@claudiom @archer72 He's emailed me once or twice in the past. I could email him an invite. But I probably won't, because it might create an expectation that I would be sociable to him, and I can't bear that kind of pressure.

But who knows? Maybe I will.

Yes, that's the same Tizen. I thing rasterman (lead enlightenment dev) works at samsung possibly.

Maybe that's what it is...enlightenment kinda feels like an eternal "technology preview" or like a proof of concept, and never feels quite done?

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Yes, it's pretty neat. Keep me posted on likes/dislikes. I'd be curious to hear what you think.

Looks interesting, but I've never played so I could be wrong. But at that price point, it seems silly to pass up i do wonder how much printing costs would be though...


@weefreelass @dtluna
Yes! Check this show out (or not!) and

The term "Free software" implies that software gives you the right to modify and share that software.

Other terms (like freeware) only implies that you are allowed to get a copy for $0, which often does admittedly feel the same, until someone needs to update the code only to find they don't have permission to do it.

It is worth trying. Probably one of my problems is that I am really comfortable with kde, and expecting kde-level customization from anything but kde is just not realistic.

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This echoes @mako’s thoughts:

‘These decisions to embrace nonfree and private development tools undermine our credibility in advocating for software freedom and compromise our freedom, and that of our users, in ways that we should reject.’

— Free Software Needs Free Tools 👉🏻

@arin_basu USA expat here. USA has a standing armed military that its citizens simultaneously blindly support and dreadfully fear. So while they insist upon having an army to protect them from baddies, they also insist upon having guns to protect themselves from their own army/gov. Most middle class Americans were brought up to not see how this is contradictory.

@drzaiusx11 The thing that inspired my comment was the kerfuffle over JavaFX. It seems to have been dropped from all Java releases (for Linux, at least), so I'm having to package openjfx for myself.

@Paul Cool, great to know. I couldn't remember the details of them, so thanks for the insight.

So you could put any filesystem onto them, just like a normal hard drive or tape drive?

@poetgrant I have theoretical affection for it because it was the first Unix desktop I ever used. However, in practice I find it either too inflexible or incomplete in strange ways, and I always end up abandoning it about 28 days after installing it. It's a neat project but I just can't seem to find where it can fit into my daily routine.

Despite the popular fad to hate it, I never hated Java.

But... now that Oracle is managing it... I'm learning to hate it.

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It looks like the zramctl man page should have made it clearer that the block devices it creates are compressed.

Chrome OS uses zram as swap, and it gives a pretty good compression ratio - generally around 50% from my testing, so believe those scammers who tell you how to "Download a RAM stick cheap for free" (provided you don't already have the module).

zram can be used for more than just swap - it can also be used for testing filesystems or lvm in RAM, or as an alternative to tmpfs.

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