@cobra2 I don't read that much text in an image file, on principle.

@bthall @kai Don't avoid the real issue. You owe your followers a video of you dancing like <strike>nobody</strike> everybody is watching.

I never did an introduction. @hinbody you're too easily influenced. Mastodon is about fighting authority. Down with the tyranny of @claudiom

@kai @bthall Or he may have meant translating. If he's looking at the bits and manually doing the matrix transforms to down res the video, and then entering the translated bits into a separate file, he probably meant translating.

I reported spam to a domain's host on a whim, and got back a confused email from the host about how hackerpublicradio wasn't even hosted by them.

MY address (the TO field) is hackerpublicradio. The spam I was reporting was FROM vpnmentor.

Yeah, the hosting provider couldn't even read the email headers I forwarded them correctly.

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@byron @daremo @ericbuijs Funny thing about "industry standard" is that it's arguable what the "standard" actually is. In film prod, the standards of {Linux, Python, ILM base, custom code} are a lot different than the standards of a local advertising agency armed with After Effects.

And standards are usually about end results, almost never the toolkit. If I hand in a good 3d render, nobody in any industry cares whether it was made in Maya or Blender.

@Sylphox Good luck! Check out hackerpublicradio.org and gnuworldorder.info if you're into podcasts. They have all kinds of geeky information on them, some even useful.

@Sylphox It would make sense to me to do that, yes. You can always pay for one later once you decide it's worth throwing money at it.

@Sylphox Best registrar... not convinced there is such a thing. They're all just resellers for ICANN.

Free domains from freenom.com work just as well as anything (I host mixedsignals.ml on a free domain name and have for years), so if you're just getting started and need cheap options, there you go.

@Sylphox You only have to pay for them because you (probably) want them to be widely known (so people can find them). That means somebody has to keep track of who is using what name, which creates supply/demand, which means $$$ gets involved.

That said, you can get free ones: freenom.com

Or you can use allernate networks. ie, you have a server in your house and have a domain name for free...nobody else could get to it, but it's free.

Also you can have a server in Onion space.

@Sylphox like web domain names? possssibly, what did you need to know?

@garpu Red Hat badly needs those things, it just doesn't know it.

@yojimbo And, as you mention, I certainly won't recommend rm to new users who are used to a Trash being a holding bin for stuff you intend to nuke.

@yojimbo I have thoughts about that. rm does several things, and it does them poorly: it unlinks a file, so it doesn't actually remove the data. But it makes the data all but inaccessible except with advanced recovery tools.

I'd rather have one tool to get a file out of my way, and then another to shred(1) the data. I don't care to use a tool that just awkwardly pretends to destroy something and then makes me jump through hoops to undo something I did.

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