VLC on Android isn't a good choice for playing audiobooks. It loses a few seconds when trying to change playback speed. Also, it doesn't understand a folder of audio files as one book.

I switched to AudioAnchor from F-Droid. It doesn't suffer from the above two issues. However, it expects a folder for each book, even if it's a single file.

I have a Syncthing folder for Audiobooks now, holding only the current ones.

#AudioBooks #FDroid #Android #VLC #AudioAnchor #Syncthing


@njoseph i use Antennapod from fdroid. It's meant for podcasts, but it's trivial to add a local folder as a show. So you could have a dir of books , single or multiple files each, and listen through Antennapod.

@njoseph I second the recommendation. AntennaPod is a great app. And they earn bonus points for having an account on Fedi: @AntennaPod

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