:blobartist: Besides self-hosting, where do y'all digital artists are selling your artworks? :ablobowo:

I'm talking stuff like wallpapers, etc. Nothing printable, just digital stuff that can deliverable immediately after a buy.

What's the best option to go, here? :blob_grinning_sweat:

Also, bonus points if that place happens to have a print-on-demand service for stuff like calendars, stickers, postcards, etc. :ablobjoy:

Anyone? Do you get my gist? Halp? :ablobcathappypaws:

:retweet: plz? 🥺


@eloisa itch.io is where I go (as an art purchaser) for digital downloadable stuff. Not sure about print-on-demand, though.

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@klaatu that one sounds nice but doesn't have many categories where I'd fit in. 😅 And isn't that one the one people were all up in arms about recently? Or am I confusing things? 😅

@eloisa Maybe I missed something. I don't think Itch.io did anything terrible, but these days who knows?

Maybe Itch isn't doing a great job of advertising its own variety. They actually host a lot of random digital stuff, despite their front-facing emphasis on gaming.

But I can see how a place more specific to just the digital art scene would be better for findability. In that case, I cast a 2nd vote for redbubble. My partner uses that, and has even made some sales.

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