Paraphrasing, but this is what I just heard in a meeting, from the same person:

"We can't use open source because it's too much work."

"We cobbled together a bunch of proprietary services to create a complete workflow, but those tools weren't working, so we're switching to a monolithic proprietary service that doesn't provide the same functions, and we'll cobble other proprietary services on top of it to round it out."

@klaatu That's some serious energy flowing in those two statements. So, what I'm hearing is that it is in the company's financial interest to either fire this person or remove them from decision making positions.

@klaatu but does your proposed open source solution have the essential "blame the vendor for my shortcomings" feature that the proprietary solution can offer?

@rafial I thought the old reliable "<heaving sigh> open source — you get what you pay for" clause would be enough, but you're right, I failed to include the explicit blame package. Well, maybe next time!

@klaatu Sound like stupid self-justification to me.

@klaatu who are these people, and what the heck do they mean by Free Software being too much work?

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