5 years into remote work and I *just* realised I can quickly cycle through timezones in the @kde clock with my mouse wheel.

This is why love KDE.

Well, it's not the only reason, but it's indicative of the reason.
Oh, you know what I mean.

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@klaatu props on the cultural adaptation of the spelling of 'realised'

@rik living in NZ makes it easy. Actually, it makes it natural. I didn't even realize I'd written realise.

Somewhat more obvious, but you can also have two clocks with different time zones next to each other.

I often work with data that has UTC timestamps, so being able to just glance over and see that yes, this data is from a few seconds ago, is really useful to me.

Don't get me started on z and s. Most of what folks think is wrong.

Short version: s for UK English, z for for US English is a myth.


KDE has so many tricks I can talk all day about.

If someone look at my desktop (when i'm not using i3) i always say that every single element they look at has a secret trick.

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