It's revelations like the Zoom fiasco that reassure me that I am not a fanatic for insisting upon open source.

@klaatu What Zoom did massively wrong however isn't about the software being closed-source, it's much more about rather shady practises in *operating* services. Just talking about that dreaded issue with Google Analytics on that has been around for a while... Choosing an open software license won't change much here I think. 😟

Don't use and look for a server that doesn't use the google STUN servers. Like does ;)

@shellowl Yes, I know. Just wanted to outline that even FLOSS based services can be ... difficult. Comparing FLOSS software to hosted services generally seems a problem because expectations, results and problems with both are completely different.


I totally see where you are coming from and you are right. Still, if something is
proprietary, there's also no trust. @klaatu

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