I'm running a friendly game of D&D 5e to help relieve monotony and stress during lockdowns. Do you want to play?

We're playing on Thursday 20:00-22:00 UTC (note this is *UTC* time, please convert for your local timezone).

New players welcome! I'm told I'm not a bad teacher. You don't need to own any D&D books or dice.

Experienced players are welcome too!

We play on Mumble, an open source voice chat client, so bandwidth is super low.

Message me to sign up.

@klaatu "I'm told I'm not a bad teacher"

I've said this about you for years.

@klaatu Wish I could as well. Thursdays schedules stink for me. I hope you get a good turnout! :flan_ranger:

I'm in. I really want to play again after a couple years of pause.

@shellowl I think I'm responding to you out of order, sorry 🙂
Great! so far you're the only player I have for this session, so let's see if we can attract a few more people. I'll keep banging on about it here on Mastodon.

Let's meet on nixnet's Mumble, in the cetx channel tomorrow and at talk about character builds at least. This gives us another week to hopefully recruit a few more players.

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